Fields of research

IPH’s three fields of research – logistics, production automation and process technology – cover the full range of production technology. Challenges from industrial practice are solved by interdisciplinary approaches – always seeing the big picture.


In the field of logistics, the focus is on the planning and organization of efficient factories and production networks, linking specialized companies – especially small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME). The main topics include:

– organization of production networks
– decentralized regulation of production in networks
– secure flow of materials 
– efficient logistics
– efficient use of resources

Production automation

How can companies automate production processes effectively and at a low price, make reasonable use of big data technologies and create intelligent factories? This is the focus in the field of production automation. The main topics include:

– industry 4.0
– distributed systems
– wireless communication
– automated guided vehicle systems
– intelligent systems

Process technology

Process technology focuses on metal forming manufacturing technologies. New technologies enable high-quality component production, used for example in automotive and mechanical engineering applications – and a saving of time and resources. The field of process technology deals with:

– forging processes (e. g. flashless precision forging)
– hydro forming
– hybrid forging (massive, sheet metal)
– process chain forming technology
– multifunctional tools
– the cost-effectiveness of process chains

Your contact persons


Benjamin Küster

Manager production automation

Mareile Kriwall

Manager process technology