Optical and mechanical testing services

Metrology can be a helpful tool to examine the dimensional accuracy of a component or the material result of a process in more detail. IPH offers you the possibility to examine the dimensions more closely already in the development phase of your product. An optical 3D measurement by camera systems of a component can be a useful tool for quality control, even before higher quantities are implemented. Industrial measurement systems usually have one thing in common: a high investment cost. Often this investment is too high for small and medium sized companies for isolated measurement investigations.

At IPH, we have various measurement systems, including the stationary GOM ATOS CORE, which is ideally suited for 3D measurement of small to medium-sized components. With the ATOS CORE 80 sensor, components can be measured to an accuracy of 15 micrometers within a measuring range of 80 x 60 millimeters. The ATOS CORE 500 sensor can measure components within a measuring range of 500 x 380 millimeters with an accuracy of 65 micrometers. The measurement of the parts with the GOM takes place at IPH.

Another measuring system at IPH is the VR-5000 3D profilometer from Keyence. It has a measuring area of 200mm x 100mm x 50mm and is suitable for contour, flatness and roughness measurement. It is particularly suitable for small, detailed measurement objects such as screws, electronic parts and more.

Also available at IPH is a EinScan HX measuring device from Shining3D, which is characterized in particular by its flexible handling. It is an optical measuring device, which uses laser and LED light sources. It can measure objects of different sizes, shapes and colors with an accuracy of up to 0.04mm.

Optical measuring systems have a comparatively short measuring time. The 3D scans of your components can be used in a variety of ways, including reverse engineering or rapid prototyping.

Are you interested in learning more about 3D measurement or optical measurement of your component? Then contact us - we will be happy to put together an individual offer for you. We will tailor the scope and content of the measurement to your requirements.

We work with you to identify the goals for your measurement, take your requirements and create a deliverable in the desired format.

After recording the requirements, we measure your geometry and record required dimensions.

With the GOM ATOS Core we perform stationary measurements at IPH in our measurement laboratory, preferably of easy-to-handle target geometries which require higher measurement accuracies.

With the 3D profilometer VR-5000 from Keyence we perform measurements (contour, flatness and roughness measurement ) for small, detailed measurement objects such as screws, electronic parts and others.

We perform mobile measurements with the EinScan HX measuring device from the company Shining3D. It can measure objects of different sizes, shapes and colors.

The VR-5000 3D profilometer from Keyence has a measuring surface of 200mm x 100mm x 50mm and is suitable for contour, flatness and roughness measurement.

After consultation with you, surface comparisons of different bodies are possible, provided that comparison objects are available. A comparison geometry to the measurement geometry can be another measurement geometry, an idealized CAD body or a body from an FEM simulation. Here, a deviation scale can be used to check over the entire surface whether differences exist, where they occur and how high they are.

We transfer the measurement result into a common CAD format (such as STEP or IGES) and make it available to you. You can thus check the result and make changes. Provided that all necessary parameters are made available to us, drawing derivations with a recommendation for tolerances are also possible. Further product development based on the measurement result is possible. We will be happy to support you with design adjustments and further product development.

Together with you, we develop prototypes according to your requirements, which are based on the measurement result. 3D printing is especially helpful to get a real impression of the developed prototypes. In consultation with you, we print your 3D design in the desired material (plastic).

Optical measurement as part of the DFG project ProKomb.

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