Additive manufacturing

IPH offers specialised services in additive manufacturing: for example, 3D printing of prototypes, custom-made products and small series. Various 3D printers are available that can process a wide range of materials. Our focus here is on extrusion-based manufacturing (MEX). A self-developed XXL 3D printer enables the production of particularly large components with an edge length of up to one metre. We use filament printing (Fused Filament Fabrication/FFF) and granulate printing (Fused Granular Fabrication/FGF) as a manufacturing process.

A recycling line at IPH contributes to the promotion of sustainability. Here, plastic waste can be shredded, dried and processed into new filament and utilised using the FFF process. Direct printing from recycled granulate is also possible using the FGF process.

IPH also offers technologies for surface treatment and mechanical testing of additively manufactured components to ensure the quality and functionality of the production results. The production of specific material mixes (e.g. plastics filled with fibres) is also possible.

Service modules for additive manufacturing

IPH offers various services both in the field of research and development and as a manufacturing service provider, for example in the context of XXL 3D printing. Both individual items and small series can be developed and manufactured. We would be happy to talk to you to support your additive manufacturing project with our expertise and find a customised solution for your specific application.

Do you want to develop a component that is to be additively manufactured or used as a prototype? We can support you with the production-ready design, taking into account the process engineering challenges you face. We can also additively manufacture components for you that you have already developed.

Do you need support with the measurement of additively manufactured components? Our institute's equipment enables us to use both optical and mechanical measurement technology for component quality testing. To determine mechanical properties, for example, this can be done using tensile tests or notched bar impact tests. To assess geometric tolerance deviations and dimensional accuracy, we can detect deviations in the micrometre range thanks to optical measurement technology.

Are you unsure whether additive manufacturing is suitable for your application? As part of a requirements analysis, we examine the planned project from all angles and determine the necessary steps for successful implementation.

Do you need support in developing a suitable manufacturing process in the context of additive manufacturing? We can support you throughout the entire process, from the idea to the finished component. This includes both the production-orientated design and the selection of materials and/or production parameters.

Are you already using additive manufacturing in your company but are facing challenges in connection with your production process? IPH can help you to stabilise and optimise your process as part of error and potential analyses. We are also happy to support the introduction of new materials or production-specific specialities.

Are you planning to introduce additive manufacturing in your company? We can provide you with manufacturer-independent and comprehensive advice. Our many years of experience in the field of extrusion-based 3D printing enable us to provide targeted advice to small and medium-sized companies in particular. In contrast to highly complex systems, extrusion-based 3D printing also allows smaller companies to get started with additive manufacturing at a low threshold. We can show you the potential, strengths and weaknesses of this manufacturing technology for your use case.

Our offers for manufacturing technology

Do you want to manufacture a product using 3D printing? Are you planning to introduce additive manufacturing in your company? With our expertise in research and as a manufacturing service provider, we will be happy to support you with your project. With our various additive manufacturing services, we are at your side with help and advice for your specific application.

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