Five reasons to work at IPH

The IPH offers a unique mixture of theory and practice. Graduates directly join us as project engineers / PhD students, having the opportunity to work on scientific research projects as well as to cooperate closely with industry. Students are offered exciting assistant jobs, internships and topics for their final theses.

In addition to a relaxed working atmosphere in a young team, our staff benefits from flexible working hours, modern office premises, regular training courses as well as staff events.

In other words, there are many reasons to join us. Read more:

Graduates of degree programmes in engineering sciences can do their doctorate at the IPH within four years. At the headquarters in Hanover, they deal with research projects as well as with industrial contracts. The PhD topic normally arises from a research project. The doctoral advisor is a professor of the IPH management board, also heading a chair at Leibniz Universität Hannover. But the IPH is not a classical university institute: Our doctoral students are hardly involved in academic teaching – leaving them more time for research and industry projects.

What is special about a doctorate at the IPH? The combination of science and practical relevance. Research is done in many cases in close cooperation with partners from industry. Furthermore, our project engineers support companies in transferring scientific research results into practice. The doctors of tomorrow thus become experts on manufacturing science related issues without abandoning the big picture. And they make valuable contacts with companies from various industries, for example in the automotive sector, in mould and tool making industry and in the field of electrical engineering.

The practice-oriented qualification as Dr.-Ing. is the best foundation for the future career – not only for mechanical and industrial engineers, but also for mathematicians, computer scientists or electrical engineers. At the IPH, they cooperate in interdisciplinary teams. After the doctorate, the majority of our former employees takes up a responsible job in industry. Last but not least, this is also due to the trainings offered by the IPH on a regular basis, ranging from the weekly English course and software trainings to project management seminars.

A small team, young colleagues and well-equipped offices: All these factors help creating a pleasant working atmosphere. The average age at the IPH is the late twenties – the reason is that most employees start with their doctorate directly after their studies, stay for four years before they finally accept a job in industry. The relaxed and friendly working atmosphere is fostered by regular company outings, parties and sporting events. Our modern offices equipped with ergonomic chairs and height-adjustable desks make work even more pleasant.

At IPH we are flexible when it comes to working hours: Would you like to have fixed, regular working hours? Or would you prefer to work when it suits you? No problem. It is important to us that we can adapt the appropriate working time model to each individual.

In contrast to many other companies, the job requires evening meetings, business trips lasting several days or weekend work only on rare occasions. This leaves our project engineers enough spare time for hobbies and family despite their responsible jobs. Our employees can easily take their parental leave, and thanks to parent-and-child offices they can take care of their children directly at their workplace, if necessary – for example if day-care centre staff is on strike.

What our employees say

‚‚As a project engineer at IPH, I have the opportunity to influence the topics to be worked on in my research and industry projects. As a result, I find my work very interesting and exciting, and I am constantly learning new things.‘‘

Anne Rathje, project engineer

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