Data science

Data Science

Why data analysis?

In today's world, data is becoming increasingly important as it is generated, stored and processed everywhere. Be it in customer and supplier contact, in production or in administrative matters - data is the most important asset. With the help of optimally analyzed data, a company can improve its processes, determine prices, make decisions about its product portfolio, and many other forward-looking decisions. To fully exploit the potential of data, data analysis is essential.

The goals that are to be achieved with the data analysis are of essential importance. Requirements can be derived from the objectives so that all necessary data can be collected and prepared. This preparation is necessary because the data is often available in different files and formats, the quality is not constant or gaps exist. Through the preparation, the data is put together in such a way that appropriate data analyses and evaluations can be carried out.

Data analysis, also known as "data mining", is computer-aided and serves to highlight correlations and trends from the existing data. Statistical models, which can be generally valid or specifically tailored to individual questions, are used as a basis. The knowledge generated can be analyzed further in order to optimize processes and make market-oriented decisions.

Service modules for data analysis

The service modules listed below represent all the necessary steps to perform a comprehensive data analysis. Our employees are highly trained on these topics through their many years of experience in theory and practice.

Together with you, we develop the goals you want to achieve with your data and translate them into specific requirements.

We show you the full potential hidden behind your data. We are also happy to provide you with individualized tools that enable you to analyze your potential on a day-to-day basis.

The data is available in different data types and different quality? To ensure that all relevant data can be used, we optimize, support or take over your data preparation - according to your needs.

We apply algorithms and special statistical methods to help you derive high-quality correlations and trends from your data.

So that data analysis becomes part of your daily business, we help you to demonstrate the model integration possibilities and hand over the developed model to you. And (if desired) we optimize the processes together with you in this course.

Whether already proven or newly developed for you - we optimize your business by using AI tailored to your needs.

Possible service packages

Data analysis potential

You want an overview regarding your current data in the company? You would like to know whether and in which area of your company a data analysis is worthwhile? You would like to know where unused potentials lie in your company that can be uncovered by a data analysis? If so, we would be happy to support you by providing data science consulting to identify the potential of your company processes through target definitions and requirements analyses.


Data Mining

You want to analyze your data using data mining to improve your decision quality? You would like to apply algorithms, special statistical methods or AI to analyze your data? Then we are happy to help you with the preparation of the data as well as the implementation of data mining approaches. 



Competence development and empowerment

You would like to expand or build up knowledge about data mining and AI in your company? You would like to familiarize your employees with the topic and sensitize them as to which application areas of data mining and AI should be focused on in your company? Then we would be happy to support you with our data science consulting, in the form of workshops for building up competence in the area of data mining and AI.


Our commitment to quality

  • systematic project organization and project implementation coordinated with you
  • consideration of current research findings and best practice solutions
  • comprehensive documentation of results and data models
  • directly applicable results: Support for implementation in your daily business

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