You want to set up a new workplace and check potential sources of stress for your employees in advance? Are you wondering what optimization potential you have for existing workplaces or work aids to make work easier for your employees? Would you like to test a new work aid or innovative work planning without interfering with ongoing production?

With the help of ergonomics analysis and optimization, we enable your company, among other things, to qualitatively test the effects of ergonomic adaptations in your production process prior to implementation, without interfering with ongoing production. Areas of application for ergonomics analysis and optimization are during the planning and operational phases of production systems. The resulting ergonomics analysis and optimization can lead to significant improvements in your production. For example, in addition to increasing employee motivation, sick days can also be reduced.

Our experts will be happy to support you by conducting a comprehensive ergonomics analysis - from a survey of your current workplace to a review of planned new workstations or work aids. Our ergonomics analysis is based on standardized procedures, such as the Leitmerkmalmethode, the Ergonomic Assessment Worksheet or the guidelines of the DGUV and the BAuA. 

Service modules for ergonomics analysis and optimization

The service modules listed below represent different work contents in the competence area of ergonomics. Thanks to many years of experience, our employees have theoretically sound and field-tested methods at their disposal for efficient processing, which we can use for your ergonomics analysis and optimization.

Together with you, we identify the goals you want to achieve through the ergonomically optimized design of your production, taking into account your individual requirements.

The first step is to take a holistic view of the workplace in order to identify all potential sources of danger using the latest methods (e.g. interviews, computer-aided simulation, measurement of calorie consumption, etc.). In particular, complex areas such as unhealthy postures and muscular strain as well as stressful environmental conditions such as noise and light are taken into account. The individual influencing factors are evaluated using standardized criteria and methods.

Based on the determined data within the recording of the actual state, an application-specific research for current, ergonomic relief concepts takes place. On the basis of potential analyses and utility value analyses, a selection of ergonomic concepts is made with regard to the adaptation of work aids, machines or workplaces. The selection is based on the (S)TOP principle, among others. The focus is always on the employees.

On the basis of a selection of suitable ergonomic concepts, the concepts for the individual workplace and application can be simulated and practically tested and optimized. Standardized procedures such as the Leitmerkmalmethode, EAWS or the technical rules of the BAuA are taken into account for the review and optimization.

The jointly selected and optimized ergonomic concepts are evaluated with regard to their introduction into production. Inquiries are made to manufacturers and the availability/delivery time of the selected ergonomic concepts is determined. The long-term effectiveness of the ergonomic measures is tested in practical tests in the production plant. Here, the stresses in continuous operation are determined and evaluated. By comparing the initial situation with the practical test, the ergonomic measures can be evaluated quantitatively. The evaluation is carried out according to the same criteria and methods (e.g. interviews, key feature method, computer-aided simulation) that were used for the actual situation recording in order to realize direct comparative values. By training employees in the use of the new ergonomic measures, these measures can be introduced efficiently.

Based on the comparative values before the ergonomic optimization, it can be shown how much savings potential can be achieved through, for example, lower downtimes or higher cycle times and after how long the investment costs of the ergonomic measure will have been amortized, for example.

Service packages for ergonomics analysis and optimization

Our service packages include typical services in the field of ergonomics - such as ergonomic process analysis, the development of an ergonomically optimized workplace or the testing and review of ergonomic concepts. According to your requirements, we are also happy to develop individual service packages for you, for example with a view to increasing efficiency, introducing new work systems such as exoskeletons or increasing productivity.

Ergonomic process analysis

Would you like to know where potential stresses for your employees lie in your process? Do you want to prevent occupational accidents and stress at new workplaces or work aids? You would like to have an overview of your stress situation at the workplace using standardized and recognized procedures? You would like to identify ergonomic problem areas in your production? Then we will be happy to support you by carrying out an ergonomic process analysis of your workplace and deriving practical recommendations for action for optimization.

Development of an ergonomically optimized workplace

Would you like to know which ergonomic measures make the most sense for your company in order to develop your potential? You would like to be able to simulatively evaluate the workplace design already before the introduction of ergonomic measures? You want an individual ergonomic solution for your process? Then we would be happy to support you by simulating your workplace or your work aids comprehensively and in detail and by adapting and optimizing different ergonomic concepts individually for you.

Testing and review of ergonomic concepts

You would like to implement individual ergonomic measures in your production? You would like to secure your investment decision by analyzing different ergonomic measures in a simulative way? You would like to get an amortization time of your investments evaluated? Do you need support in selecting and checking ergonomic measures according to standardized procedures? Then we would be pleased to support you holistically in testing and reviewing ergonomic concepts.


Our commitment to quality:

  • Systematic project organization and project implementation, proven planning methods
  • Consideration of current research findings and best practice solutions
  • Comprehensive documentation of results and planning services
  • Directly applicable results: smooth transferability to the implementation phase

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