Press release
Hannover, 24. May 2022

AR glasses for a clear view in the forklift truck

More visibility at the wheel and fewer accidents: This is ensured by the virtual vision enhancement that we have developed in the ViSIER research project together with the ITA. Thanks to cameras and AR glasses, obstacles appear transparent. More on this in the video (in German):  
Hannover, 20. May 2022

Hot off the press: The IPH Annual Report

We write about research and development in production technology in the IPH Annual Report 2021. We also publish the business figures. This much can be revealed: 2021 was another very successful year for IPH. Click here for the annual report (in German)  
Press release
Hannover, 15. February 2022

On the way to the Smart City with "5GAPS"

Digitally mapping public spaces is the goal of the "5GAPS" project, on which the City of Hannover is working together with Deutsche Messe AG and other partners from business and science. The IPH is also involved.  
Press release
Hannover, 12. January 2022

Accelerate wind energy expansion

What does artificial intelligence have to do with the expansion of wind energy? AI can predict in which regions new construction and repowering projects are most promising. We are working on this together with seven partners in the WindGISKI joint project.  
Hannover, 07. November 2021

News from IPH

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Hannover, 01. June 2021

Science meets industry

In order to transfer scientific knowledge to industry, the IPH cooperates closely with companies. We offer comprehensive consulting and individual, often unconventional solutions. Please do not hesitate to contact us!  

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