Press release
Hannover, 12. December 2019

Ergonomics evaluation in assembly

Back pain or knee problems: The cause is often a lack of ergonomics at the workplace. Employees in the assembly department are particularly at risk. A 3D camera system could help to make workplaces more ergonomic.  
Press release
Hannover, 01. November 2019

New head of department: Mareile Kriwall

Mareile Kriwall took over as head of the Process Technology Department at IPH on November 1, 2019. The 34-year-old mechanical engineer succeeds Dr. Jan Langner, who is moving from research to industry.  
Press release
Hannover, 14. October 2019

3D factory layout by drone

We capture factory layouts from a bird's eye view with the camera drone that we developed in the "Instant Factory Maps" research project. During a sightseeing flight through the building, thousands of images are created, which are put together by 3D layout software.  
Press release
Hannover, 02. September 2019

Wind farm check: What to do with old turbines?

When the EEG subsidies expire, wind farm operators will be faced with the decision: Is it worthwhile to continue operating the old turbines or to replace them? The answer is provided by software that processes vast amounts of data, including research results from IPH.  
Press release
Hannover, 16. August 2019

Better view for forklift drivers

Keeping an overview at the wheel of a forklift truck is not easy - the lift mast and load block the view. We are working on a "virtual visual improvement": In the future, forklift drivers will have to wear AR glasses to be able to see through obstacles.  
Hannover, 06. August 2019

Sustainability at IPH

Saving energy and resources is the goal of many of our research projects – and our corporate goal. Therefore, we have got a solar system installed on top of the roof of IPH. Read about what else do we do for the protection of the environment.  
Hannover, 01. June 2017

Science meets industry

In order to transfer scientific knowledge to industry, the IPH cooperates closely with companies. We offer comprehensive consulting and individual, often unconventional solutions. Please do not hesitate to contact us!  

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