Press release
Hannover/Aachen, 09. March 2021

3D printing for personalized medical devices

Additive manufacturing offers the possibility to customize dental splints, hearing aids and implants to the individual patient. One challenge for companies, however, is quality assurance. Together with the WZL, we want to develop an app that helps with this issue.  
Press release
Hannover, 19. February 2021

Plastics recycling with 3D printers

What if plastics were no longer thrown away, but instead processed and recycled directly with a 3D printer? To make this possible, a new research area has been created at IPH to explore additive plastics recycling. Take a look at the video tour!  
Press release
Hannover, 02. February 2021

Sealing concept against tinsel burr

Flitter burr occurs during the forging of aluminum components when material flows into gaps in the die. To prevent this, we are developing a sealing concept for forging tools in a research project with Otto Fuchs KG.  
Press release
Hannover/Berlin, 17. July 2020

Wind energy: standardised disassembly

How to disassemble and recycle wind turbines sustainably? For the first time, DIN SPEC 4866 defines standards. A consortium of 25 experts has developed the document – and we at IPH have provided the impetus with our research.  
Press release
Hannover/Stuttgart, 06. February 2020

Share machines instead of deleting jobs

Order fluctuations are a particular burden on medium-sized companies. If orders decline, they have to cut jobs or introduce short-time working. The alternative: rent out machine capacities! We are investigating how this can work together with the IPRI.  
Hannover, 06. August 2019

Sustainability at IPH

Saving energy and resources is the goal of many of our research projects – and our corporate goal. Therefore, we have got a solar system installed on top of the roof of IPH. Read about what else do we do for the protection of the environment.  
Hannover, 01. June 2017

Science meets industry

In order to transfer scientific knowledge to industry, the IPH cooperates closely with companies. We offer comprehensive consulting and individual, often unconventional solutions. Please do not hesitate to contact us!  

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