Hannover, 06. August 2019

Sustainability at IPH

Saving energy and resources is the goal of many of our research projects – and our corporate goal. Therefore, we have got a solar system installed on top of the roof of IPH. Read about what else do we do for the protection of the environment.  
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Hannover, 05. June 2019

Improving life cycle assessment - but how?

We help companies reduce their CO2 emissions: In the "ÖkologWi" research project, we have developed a software demonstrator that can be used to calculate emissions and savings potential. Are you interested in testing the demonstrator free of charge?  
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Hannover, 06. May 2019

Ergonomic forging

Forging is hard work. We want to make it easier: With a special tong that cushions shocks and supports gripping. In the "ErgoZang" research project, we work closely with companies from the forging and toolmaking industries.  
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Hannover, 25. February 2019

Using UAV for indoor material handling

Drones revolutionize logistics. But for indoor use there are only insufficient regulations or orientation aids so far. We determine the framework conditions for the use of drones in intralogistics.  
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Hannover, 21. January 2019

How to build in the City

The boom on urban living drags more and more people downtown. There is only one chance against apartment shortage: close vacant lots. But construction zones in the city are a big challenge, which needs best planning. We develop the fitting tool.  
Press release
Hannover, 04. December 2018

How to plan layout and transport in one step

Which transport system one venture uses, has an deep impact on the design of the factory layout. For that reason it is advisible, to plan both at the same time: The IPH develops a method for an automated and integrated layout and transport system planning.  
Press release
Hannover, 05. February 2018

Generator gains energy from environment

In the future, we will be able to supply power to sensors - without cables or batteries - so they can record their own measured data. We are developing a generator that uses energy harvesting to extract the energy directly from its environment.  
Press release
Hannover, 10. January 2018

Factory layout at the push of a button

In the future, factory layouts can automatically be generated and evaluated: IPH develops a software-tool that optimally arranges machines, storage areas and office space. This dooes not only saves time, but also money.  
Press release
Hannover, 26. June 2017

AGVs react automaticly to disturbances

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) might soon respond automaticly to disturbances, such as blocked routes or damaged sensors. Researchers at IPH are still looking for cooperation partners, in particular manufacturers and users of AGVs.  
Hannover, 01. June 2017

Science meets industry

In order to transfer scientific knowledge to industry, the IPH cooperates closely with companies. We offer comprehensive consulting and individual, often unconventional solutions. Please do not hesitate to contact us!  

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