Factory planning

Factory planning

Since our founding in 1988, we have been successfully planning factories. In addition to the many years of experience and expertise of our former and current shareholders, Professor Hans-Peter Wiendahl and Professor Peter Nyhuis, the latest research findings and technologies, such as 3D visualisation and Virtual Reality, have a great influence on our work. In particular, we are following current developments in the context of Industry 4.0.

The special feature of our approach lies in the holistic planning of sustainable, scalable and versatile factories. Our approach is based on VDI 5200, the factory planning guideline in which Professor Wiendahl was involved. We deal with 3D visualisation, with the reorganization planning of factory capacities and structures as well as with the greenfield planning of a complete new foundation of your plant. A particular focus is on production planning (e.g. capacity planning), logistics planning (e.g. warehouse organization), material flow planning, material flow simulation, object planning and layout planning. Factory planning for industry 4.0 is another important focus of our activities. In this area, we deal, for example, with virtual reality and augmented reality.

We offer those interdisciplinary factory planning services in cooperation with Professor Hans-Jürgen Reichardt and his architecture firm RMA - Reichardt Maas Assoziierte. The use of the proven synergetic factory planning process guarantees fast and high-quality results with regard to factory reorganization and restructuring or greenfield planning through the efficient interaction of the disciplines involved - such as architecture, logistics and building services. The use of digital technologies, which allow, among other things, a virtual inspection of the factory, can make interdisciplinary cooperation more efficient.

You can find more detailed information on our approach in the Handbook Factory Planning and Design. Besides, we make our know-how available in our two-day factory planning seminar. In addition, you can take advantage of our expert advice in the field of factory planning in advance.

An example of our success

Logo Fabrik des Jahres

The Bahlsen factory in Barsinghausen restructured with our support won a "Factory of the Year" award in the category "Outstanding Location Development" in 2011 from magazine Produktion and the consulting firm AT Kearney.

Service modules

The service modules listed below represent self-contained work content in our factory planning area of expertise. We have sophisticated and proven methods and tools for efficient processing.

Together with you, we develop goals and structural fields for your factory (e.g. versatility) and turn these into concrete requirements (e.g. modular layout).

As part of the factory analysis, planning-relevant information is collected about the actual state (e.g. equipment, material flows, restrictions) as well as forecast data (e.g. concerning the production program).

With the help of photogrammetry or camera drones, a very accurate three-dimensional image of a factory is created. Various layout variants can then be displayed on a factory planning table and evaluated together with you.

In this phase, we define and dimension suitable structural units and their relationships and develop the ideal and actual layout variants for your factory together with you and other planners.

In this phase, the developed layout alternatives are evaluated together with you, based on the requirements from the definition of goals, and a preferred alternative is selected.

The detailed layout planning involves the integration of incorporated equipment including all necessary functional areas in the preferred variant, i.e. their arrangement on the work system level.

Service packages

The service packages listed below include typical services in the factory planning area of expertise. We would be happy to compile customized service packages according to your requirements. Please click on the link to learn more about each service package.

Threedimensional mapping of the current state

Are you considering expanding or reorganizing your production capabilities, but do not have up-to-date layout data? Are you planning to visualise your production or warehouse to train employees? You would like to virtually commit and present your production environment? Then we will gladly assist you by creating a 3D visualisation of your work and working with you to develop a way to make the best use of your capacities.


Reorganization planning

Your factory capacity is threatening to burst at the seams, and established structures result in low transparency and are limiting your options? Supplied paths and long and intersecting material flows extend the run time of your production orders, worsen working safety and cause frustration for your employees? Then we would be happy to support you in reorganizing and planning your factory.


Greenfield planning

Your factory capacity is bursting at the seams? Does the elimination of individual weakness not lead a satisfactory overall solution, even over a long period of time? Would you like to change your production program in the medium- to long-term? Planning a new factory location because working efficiently has become impossible at your current location? Then we would be happy to support you in planning your factory on a greenfield site.

What our customers say

‚‚Engineers at the IPH proceed very systematically in factory design. With their help, we were able to realize a directed flow of materials and a versatile space module concept and have even won an award for the ‚Factory of the Year‘.‘‘

Dr. Uwe Bretschneider, Head of Engineering & Technology at Bahlsen GmbH & Co. KG


Our commitment to quality

  • Systematic project organization and project implementation, proven planning methods
  • Consideration of current research findings and best practice solutions
  • Comprehensive documentation of results and planning services
  • Directly applicable results: smooth transferability into your own implementation phase

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