The digitalisation of business processes is based on the networking of people, products and production systems. The goal is to digitally capture relevant information, analyse it in a targeted manner and make it available as needed. This makes it possible, for example, to visualize production states in real time or to show cause-and-effect relationships between production steps.

We have extensive knowledge in the field of digitalisation and can draw on experience gained from numerous successfully completed projects. Our knowledge in the field of data acquisition ranges from classical sensor technology to novel technologies that work wirelessly and without batteries. For data analysis we use big data analysis and artificial intelligence methods. We develop individual human-machine interfaces in order to provide information according to your requirements. These show an employee, for example due visual support, the sequence of certain assembly steps.

The implementation of digitalisation projects places high demands on technical feasibility and cost-effectiveness. Therefore, it requires a systematic approach and consultation. Starting with the specifications sheet for your digitalisation solution, through the implementation of a study that shows the potential and concepts for digitalisation, to the implementation of appropriate solutions, we will be happy to accompany and advise you.

Service modules

The service modules listed below represent self-contained work contents in the field of digitalisation. For efficient processing, we use mature and proven methods and tools. These methods and tools make it possible to perceive the advantages of digitalisation for your factory through well-founded analysis, consulting and implementation of a digitalisation solution. These advantages include, for example, increased efficiency, productivity and quality in industrial production.

Together with you, we define the project goal and define the requirements for the digitalisation solution. In addition, we systematically record the process to be considered and analyse any existing digitalisation solution.

Based on the requirements, we define the target state for your process. Furthermore, we research comprehensively available digitalisation solutions and systematically combine them into digitalisation scenarios. We describe each scenario in a profile.

We compare the digitalisation scenarios together with you in a two-stage evaluation. The result for all scenarios is a utility value and an economic valuation, which are used to prioritise the scenarios.

Subsequently, we research possible providers and coordinate and moderate the corresponding presentations. For the objective evaluation of the providers, we provide you with a comprehensive documentation of the presentation contents and an evaluation scheme.

We accompany the introduction of digitalisation solutions with professional project management and controlling. We take over the communication with the providers and support the commissioning. In this way, we can ensure that your potential is fully exploited.

Service packages

The service packages listed below cover typical services in the field of digitalisation. Depending on your requirements, we will also be happy to put together individual service packages for digitalisation for you.

Please click on the link to find out more about the respective service package for your digitisation solution.

In order to increase the efficiency, productivity and quality of industrial production, companies are faced with the challenge of increasing their degree of digitalisation. As a service provider, we develop digitalisation concepts and support the selection of digitalisation solution providers. Our digitalisation services include the selection of product identification systems, assistance systems or business information systems. Our approach is based on the latest research results and well-founded practical experience gained during the introduction and implementation of digitalisation in various customer projects.

Digitalisation specifications

You want to digitize your business and create a paperless, more efficient office? You are wondering what scope of services should be covered by the system? You want to know which system can meet your needs? You lack the time for a systematic analysis of processes and requirements? We would be happy to support you in the preparation of specifications for your digitalisation.

Digitalisation study

You want to drive the digitization of your business and create a paperless, more efficient office? However, you are unsure whether and what improvement potential you can realize in the processes? You would like to see what an individual digitalisation scenario for your application looks like and what scope of services must be covered by a digitalisation solution? Then we would be happy to support you in the analysis of requirements and the implementation of a digitalisation study.

Development and implementation of digitalisation solutions

You want to introduce an automatic identification system and would like to know if and what improvements you can implement in the processes? You would like see what an auto ID solution tailored to your applications looks like and what scope of services must be covered by the system? You lack the time for a systematic analysis of your identification processes and the development of an appropriate auto ID solution? Then we would be happy support you in the development and introduction of an auto ID solution.

What our customers say

‚‚Together with IPH, we have developed a prototype for a new optical auto ID system in the context of a research project. It‘s a huge advantage when science and industry work together so closely.‘‘

Dr. Frank Mänken, Head of Technology Development at Jungheinrich AG

Our commitment to quality

  • Systematic approach coordinated with your input
  • Structured documentation of requirements and auto ID scenarios
  • Methodical and transparent assessment and selection steps
  • Professional project management as well as methods and facilitation skills

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