Material flow simulation and material flow optimization

You would like to set up a new production system and check in advance the dimensioning of the systems or determine the necessary personnel requirements? You are wondering which performance reserves your existing production offers or where temporary bottlenecks occur? You would like to test a new control procedure or an innovative organization without interfering with the ongoing production?

With the help of material flow simulation we enable your company to quantitatively check the effects of adjustments in your production process before they are implemented, without affecting the ongoing production. Areas of application for material flow simulation are offered during the planning, realization and operation phases of production systems. The resulting material flow optimization can result in significant improvements to your production.

Our experts will be pleased to assist you in conducting a comprehensive simulation study - from sizing equipment to determining emergency response strategies in case of incidents, to reviewing scheduling control procedures. In doing so, we comply with VDI 3633, the guideline for the simulation of logistics, material flow and production systems. In the whitepaper on the simulation of industrial material flows we describe our approach in detail using the example of a marshalling yard.

Service modules

The service modules listed below represent various work contents in the field of material flow simulation. Thanks to many years of experience, our employees have theoretically sound and proven methods that we can use to optimize your material flow.

Together with you we identify the target variables of the simulation to be investigated (eg throughput, inventory or rejection) as well as model boundaries and framework conditions. In addition, we determine with you the necessary level of detail of the simulation and the requirements of the visualization.

As part of the object and process analysis, the information and data relevant to the creation of the simulation model are identified and recorded with regard to the actual status (for example, processing and transport times and disruptive behavior of plants) and the target state (for example, target output).

In this phase, object models of the systems and processes to be simulated are created, which are linked to the simulation model by the implementation of control rules. In doing so, we take into account not only real machining, set-up or transport times, but also the stochastic disturbance behavior of plants. If appropriate, the formation of model variants takes place according to the development stages to be investigated. Finally, the simulation model will be validated together with you.

We conduct a simulation study in which we consider different scenarios with defined product quantities and a corresponding observation period.

In this phase, the results of the simulation study are analyzed, prepared and visualized for you. The quantitative comparison of model variants and quantity scenarios will be discussed together with you.

Based on the results of the simulation study, we discuss with you the advantages and disadvantages of different investment decisions or control logics and develop a preferred variant.

Service packages

Our service packages include typical services in the field of material flow simulations - such as bottleneck analysis for variable load situations, the capacity dimensioning of plants or a selection of alternative transport and production techniques. According to your requirements, we are happy to develop individual service packages for you, for example with regard to increasing profitability, resource efficiency or material flow optimization. Please click on the link to learn more about the respective material flow simulation service package.

Bottleneck analysis in variable load situations

You would like to check whether your existing production system offers sufficient production capacity for future variable order loads? You have already identified or suspected initial bottlenecks and do not know whether a capacity adjustment is necessary? Then we will gladly assist you in the analysis of your production system through a simulation study.



Capacity dimensioning of plants

You want to launch a new product or adequately meet the increasing demand of an existing product, and you need to expand your production or build a new production system? You do not know how many plants are needed to cover the projected product quantity? You want to secure your investment decision by analyzing different sales forecasts and development stages of the production system? We are happy to assist you in conducting a comprehensive and detailed simulation study.


Selection of alternative transport and production techniques

You intend to introduce a new transportation or production technology and have different alternatives to choose from? You want to know which technology can best be integrated into your production system or which offers the most flexibility? We are happy to assist you with the simulation-based comparison of alternatives as well as with the selection of a preferred variant.



What our customers say

‚‚The IPH experts helped to make a sound investment decision with a material flow simulation. On the basis of the knowledge gained from the simulation, we were able to evaluate the performance of various material flow concepts and determine a preferred variant.‘‘

Dr. Anis Selaouti, Head of Strategic Footprint Planning at LEONI Bordnetzsysteme GmbH

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