Testing of conveyor belt idlers

In the fields of internal transportation and the associated automation and conveyor technology, the IPH has extensive knowledge. We offer independent testing services for manufacturers and users of conveyor belt idlers. The running characteristics of conveyor belt idlers are tested in accordance with testing standards DIN 22112, SAB 1313 and DIN ISO 1940. For this purpose we dispose of measurement technology and modern test rigs.

As a result of those examinations you get information about the behavior of idlers during operation as well as an evaluation how properties of idlers influence the energy demand of conveyor belt systems.

Testing services

We provide the determination of:

  • size and weight of idlers (DIN 22112)
  • running resistance (DIN 22112)
  • concentricity deviation (DIN 22112)
  • axial relocatability (DIN 22112)
  • breakaway mass (SAB 1313)
  • balancing quality (DIN ISO 1940)

Test rig

For the performance of testing services, we have a modern test rig available. This adequate test rig in addition to further test setups in our testing ground allows the determination of the idler running resistance.

The technical data of the test rig for a running resistance measurement are listed below:

  • Idlers with dimensions according to DIN 15207 and DIN 22112
  • Maximum diameter of idler: 400 mm
  • Maximum length of axis: 1650 mm
  • Maximum load: 3 kN
  • Maximum test velocity: 8 m/s

Further tests of conveyor belt components

Based on close cooperation with our partner institute at the Leibniz Universität Hannover, the Institute of Transport and Automation Technology (ITA), further testing services for conveyor components can be offered on request.


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