Machines and test rigs

At IPH, we offer the conception and development of test rigs and machine prototypes. In accordance with the individual requirements of our customers and project partners, we first develop various solution concepts. In addition to the functional consideration of the developed concepts, we also carry out a profitability analysis of the developed solution concepts. Together with the customer, we select a concept that meets both the economic and the technical requirements.

Extensive experience in the field of CAD designs and simulations of various manufacturing processes enable us to implement and design solution concepts for test benches and to produce prototypes at IPH. At IPH, we are able to carry out the following work, which is required on the test rig depending on the customer's requirements:

  • Conception
  • Component selection (standard parts)
  • Design using CAD programs
  • Derivation of technical drawings
  • Structural analysis of the test bench to determine the occurring loads and forces for the design of the test bench
  • Simulation of the test process
  • Construction and commissioning of a prototype test rig at IPH
  • Creation of simple user interfaces and basic programs to read out basic information

At IPH, we have developed a test rig for idlers, which is in operation as part of our range of services. We have also developed a test stand for low-cost testing of cross wedge rolling processes and a measuring system for monitoring the condition of various transmission components.

kostengünstige Querkeilwalzmaschine für KMU

Figure 1: Cross wedge rolling machine developed at IPH

In addition to designing test rigs, we also use our extensive experience to develop machine prototypes. Accordingly, we have already developed a cost-effective cross wedge rolling machine especially for SMEs (see Fig. 1), which is in use at one of our project partners on site for preliminary tests. At IPH, we handle all steps of the entire development cycle of the machine prototype, from concept production to consideration of machine stiffness, design and construction.

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