Change Capability of IT Systems of Producing Companies

Theme Digitalisation
Project title Change Capability of IT Systems of Producing Companies (VIper)
Project duration 01.09.2023 – 30.08.2025
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The goal of this research project is to enable manufacturing companies to independently evaluate and design the changeability of their IT systems. Manufacturing companies face the challenge of working efficiently and adapting to changing environmental conditions. Information systems play an important role in this – but companies often encounter problems with the performance and adaptability of these systems.

This research project aims to improve the ability of IT systems to change by taking a holistic view of the socio-technical information system. The goal is to enable companies to independently adapt their IT systems to changing requirements.

In order to support companies in assessing and designing the change capability of their IT systems, a guideline and a web-based self-assessment are being developed in the research project. In the future, this will provide companies with a user-friendly and freely accessible application for continuously assessing and designing the changeability of IT systems in order processing.

Publications about the project

Twelve interviews were conducted with IT system users and providers in order to investigate the adaptability of IT systems in manufacturing companies. A methodical evaluation of the interviews made it possible to identify factors that influence the service life of IT systems. The evaluation shows that, in addition to the technical characteristics, human and organizational aspects in particular are decisive for the long-term use of IT systems.

Information management, people and technology, software

In an increasingly digitalized world, IT systems such as ERP or MES are the backbone of efficient processes. But many companies find that their IT systems neither meet changing requirements nor effectively support new processes. This leads to either the development of shadow IT, provisional adjustments to the IT system, or the selection of a new IT system. The VIPER research project was launched to counteract such developments and to improve the selection process for a new IT system. FIR at RWTH Aachen University and the IPH – Institut für Integrierte Produktion Hannover gGmbH have set themselves the goal of helping companies to extend the service life of their IT systems and make better decisions when selecting new IT systems by analysing the entire socio-technical information system.

IT systems, ability to change



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