Setting of an ultra-fine microstructure in forged blanks by cross wedge rolling

Theme Process design, Forming technology
Project title Setting of an ultra-fine microstructure in forged blanks by cross wedge rolling (Feinkornwalzen)
Project duration 01.02.2020 – 30.06.2023
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In order to automatically determine the state of an aluminum melting furnace, the IPH develops a Preforms that can be produced by cross wedge rolling are further processed in the forging industry into a wide variety of components and are characterized by high material efficiency. The aim of the project is to identify a process window for a cross wedge rolling process by which an ultrafine microstructure can be adjusted in cylindrical blanks. The desired grain size of the rolled part should be in the ultrafine grain range. A cross wedge rolling process for mass distribution can also be connected to the cross wedge rolling process for the production of ultra-fine microstructure in order to make use of the good properties (high ductility, good formability at low temperatures) of the preforms with simultaneous material-efficient further processing.

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Solid formed components are subject to ever higher load requirements while at the same time striving for resource efficiency.
ciency at the same time. An ultrafine-grained microstructure can improve the strength and ductility of the component. This makes it possible to design smaller and lighter components and to exploit lightweight construction potential. One possibility
process for producing an ultrafine-grained microstructure is cross wedge rolling.


Cross wedge rolling, Fine-grained structure, Lightweight construction

In a research project at the Institute for Integrated Production in Hanover, the process parameters for cross-wedge rolling are to be determined with which an ultrafine microstructure can be achieved in cylindrical blanks. The aim is to achieve grain sizes of the rolled part in the range of 500 nm.

Process development, cross wedge rolling, material properties,Ultra fine microstructure


The project no. 410149732 received funding from the German Research Foundation (DFG).

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Mareile Kriwall

Manager process technology