Supply Chain Design for XXL products

Theme XXL products, Production planning
Project title Supply Chain Design for XXL products (XXL-SCD)
Project duration 01.10.2011 – 30.09.2013
Press release

The target of the research project is the development of an approach for the evaluation of different supply chain designs with regard to logistics performance and logistics costs. In the project this is done exemplarily using the example of wind energy plants. The developed approach shall allow decisions regarding the allocation of the production process on manufacturing locations. Based on basic models for supply chains of XXL products, the influence of such decisions on logistics performance and logistics costs has to be rated by taking material sourcing and assembly complexity into account. Thereby the approach supports the strategically aligned Supply Chain Design. This already determines important decisions during the design phase of the supply chain and thereby represents an essential basis for an efficient Supply Chain Management.

Publications about the project

The range of structure sizes for industrial products produced today is increasingly expanding. This trend is evident in both small-scale (e.g. semiconductor applications) and large-scale (e.g. wind turbine rotors) products. While definitions already exist for smaller scale device structures, the conceptual distinction between conventional large products and large scale products is currently insufficient. In this study, we present a potential basis for the definition of large scale products. To achieve this, we derive hypotheses and examine these in the context of an empirical study using the examples of several sample products. It is shown that the transition from conventional products to large scale products is characterized by a disproportionate increase in product costs due to the augmentation of a characteristic product feature. Eventually we derive a proposed definition which characterizes large scale products in the field of production engineering.

xxl-product, large-scale, xxl, definition

A xxl-product is defined as product, whose production costs increase disproportionately in relation to further growth of a characteristic product feature. Existing models of supply chain design are not designed for xxl-products. For this reason a method was developed to create a supply chain for a xxl-product. The supply chain design works in due consideration of the most relevant xxl-product specific features. The created supply chain can be evaluated for their logistical quality. Therefore a comparison between different supply chain variants is possible.

xxl-product, supply chain design, logistical objectives


The project no. 11.2-76221-99-2/10 was part of the joint research project Innovations for the manufacturing of large scale products funded by the Ministry for the Economy, Labour and Transport of Lower Saxony and the Lower Saxony Ministry of Economics, Construction, Transport and Digitalization.

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