Regulated demand fulfillment strategies for spare parts

Theme Production planning
Project title Regulated demand fulfillment strategies for spare parts (GET)
Project duration 01.01.2008 – 31.03.2010
Companies must provide a wide range of spare parts in sufficient quantities for their products. There are strategical and financial risks, as well as high margins in after-sales area and a significant potential to improve customer loyalty. The aim of this research project was to create a low-effort, loop-based verification method for the selection and continuous adaptation of spare part demand fulfillment strategies. By comparing the known strategies of procurement, repairing, storage, producing and newly developed or combined standard strategies with holistically rated requirement profiles, an appropriate demand fulfillment strategy can be selected for any spare part in every phase of the product life cycle.

Publications about the project

The long-term supply with spare parts is a complex task for manufacturers of high-value capital-investment goods and the solution depends on numerous uncertain criteria. Besides the high amount of spare parts which has to be stored, the supply has to be secured for many years. The market requires a high performance of the supply of spare parts (short delivery times, high flexibility of time and quantity). The manufacturer is anxious to reduce the costs and risks of the supply of spare parts (e. g. storage costs, supply and sales risks). The strategy for the fulfilment of the spare part demand has to be selected from the large quantity of available strategies. The complexity of this selection problem is additionally increased by different specifications of the spare parts, which affect the selection of a strategy. Some of these specifications are the suitability of storage, the quality rating, the percentage of sales of the spare parts and the importance of the spare parts for the customer. In the research project "GET – Geregelte Ersatzteil-Bedarfsdeckungs-Strategien" an approach for the selection and continuous monitoring of strategies for the fulfilment of the spare part demand was developed.

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The IGF project 15754 N of the research association BVL was funded via the German Federation of Industrial Research Associations (AiF) in the programme of Industrial Collective Research (IGF) by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) based on a decision of the German Bundestag.

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