Podcast episode 21 | Saving energy in the shower: How does the "Warmduscher" work?

A simple idea with a big impact: Oliver Baum talks about it in this episode with podcast host Jens Kruse. Oliver is a self-employed mechanical engineer and developed the so-called "Warmduscher", a heat exchanger that uses warm shower water to preheat cold fresh water. With his product, he is dedicated to combating the waste of resources.

Oliver's finished product makes saving energy while showering possible. The "Warm Shower" is designed so that no prior knowledge is needed to use it and it can be installed almost anywhere. In the podcast, Oliver tells us how the development of the idea to the prototype proceeded and what role IPH played in the process. You can also find out in this episode how exactly the "Warmduscher" works, how much energy can really be saved and which factors are important to him during production.

More information about Oliver and the "Warmduscher": https://derwarmduscher.de/

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Hosted by

Jens Kruse

Group Leader Innovative Manufacturing Processes

Guest on this podcast

Oliver Baum

Warmduscher GmbH

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