Episode 9 | The Green IPH and ÖKOPROFIT

Episode 9 revolves around the topic of "Sustainability". That's why IPH engineer Jens Kruse and Denise Wullfen from the "Green IPH" team are our guests. Together they answer the question: What is the "Green IPH" anyway? They also present various measures and developments that have been implemented at IPH.

Since September 2019, IPH has been taking part in the ÖKOPROFIT program - a Europe-wide recognized program that helps companies of all sizes and types to reduce costs and protect the environment. After passing the commission examination, IPH at the location "Hollerithallee 6, 30419 Hannover" received the ÖKOPROFIT award in December 2020.


Jens Kruse

Head of Innovative Manufacturing Processes

Denise Wullfen

Public Relations and Marketing manager