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How can companies get the most out of their manufacturing and be economically successful even in a high-wage location? A Manufacturing Execution System – a process-oriented level of a multi-layer production management system – can help. This enables companies to optimize their production planning and control.

A large number of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) currently still do without this support because the effort required to introduce such a system appears too great. One way to reduce the effort involved is to prepare comprehensively for the MES introduction. An "MES Readiness Check" should provide support for this preparation. It reveals the demands that this introduction phase places on companies. The company can check whether it meets the necessary requirements.

Manufacturing Execution System, MES, Digitalization

Maturity-based Evaluation of Requirements for a Successful MES Implementation. The use of a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) can offer many advantages for companies, but the implementation often poses a great challenge. The determination of necessary requirements, their fulfilment by the company and their consideration in the implementation process are decisive for a successful implementation. In the following article, the development of a maturity-based method for the evaluation and improvement of the companyspecific fulfilment of the requirements of an MES implementation is presented.

Manufacturing Execution System, Maturity Model, Digitalization

To be able to meet the challenges of globalization, the optimization of internal transport is becoming increasingly important. Due to the further development, drones are an innovative material handling technology. The use of drones can be cost-efficient, especially for time-critical transport tasks. However, drones are characterized by a very low payload and very high operating costs. Therefore drones are in some cases more economical than conventional means of transport, but they do not offer an universal solution for all internal transport tasks.

drones, intralogistics, transport, transport systems, economic efficiency

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