Investigation of a manufacturing process with several eccentric and non-circular cross sections trough a non-circular rolling operation

Theme Process design, Forming technology
Project title Investigation of a manufacturing process with several eccentric and non-circular cross sections trough a non-circular rolling operation (Unrundwalzen)
Project duration 01.04.2020 – 31.03.2023
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The non-circular rolling is a pressure forming method with material displacement normal to the rotational axis of the billet. It consists in workpiece forming by means of a wavy wedge tool segments fixed on a flat or concave plates of rolling mills. Here for the billet is positioned between two in the oppositely moving, wavy profiled plates and the cross section stays constant. The goal of this project is to roll a part with several out of round, eccentric and a combination of both forms in one forming operation. The out of round wedge rolling is a forming operation to optimize the mass distribution of a preform.

Publications about the project

In the non-circular rolling, the feasibility of rolling several mutually offset, locally non-round shaped elements into a cylindrical semi-finished product are investigated. One sub-area of the investigations is the rolling of two elliptical sections.

From three different calculation concepts for the determination of the tool engraving, one was chosen for a simulative parameter study. The main influencing variables, including the length and width of the engraving and a process window, were identified.

forming technology, manufacturing technology, FEM

During flat die rolling, two die plates pass each other and form the cylindrical semi-finished product enclosed within. Non-circular rolling examines the rolling of multiple, locally nonround geometries such as eccentrics. With the aid of statistical experimental design, a simulative parameter investigation has been carried out, main influencing variables have been recognised and process windows identified.

non-round, eccentric, flat jaw tools, preforms, intermediate forms, FEM

IPH has developed an algorithm for the automated design of rolling dies in the DFG project "Non-Circular Rolling". The researchers are using it to perform extensive parameter studies with a wide range of dies.

Non-circular rolling, cross wedge rolling, rolling dies, design, automation, algorithm

Flat die rolling is a solid forming operation, in which two engraved tool plates run past each other and thereby form a cylindrical semi-finished product. The non-circular rolling can be used as a preform optimising process, where it should be possible to form local non-circular sections, for example ellipses or eccentrics, into a cylindrical semi-finished product. The material flow should be exclusively in radial direction. Initial simulations show that the requirements can be met.

non-circular rolling, cross wedge rolling, flat dies, preforms and intermediate forms, FEM


The project no. 413630938 received funding from the German Research Foundation (DFG).

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Mareile Kriwall

Manager process technology