Rail Transport Mobility Optimization – Upgrade

Theme Artificial Intelligence
Project title Rail Transport Mobility Optimization – Upgrade (RTMO Erweiterung)
Project duration 01.10.2015 – 31.10.2016

Rail Transport Mobility Optimization "RTMO" upgrade is the second stage of the project with the scope to develop a capacity management and optimization tool for an "end to end (e2e) integrated rail supply chain (SC)" from the rail hub/feeder line of the consignor, to the rail hub/feeder line of the consignee. Stage one of the research project Rail Transport Mobility Optimization focused on the development of a desktop-demonstrator. Stage two is building-up on the findings of the first part and will develop a prototype in the end. The combination of the currently different IT systems and processes of the industrial partner with those of the rail operator (RO) creates a unified transport information system, which results in an efficiency increase for both companies in logistics and production. The optimization of available transport resource by means of RO coordinated planning and execution of process activities and thereby simultaneously possible optimization of (un)loading capacities at customer site allows for a better use of resources and increase in efficiency for both companies. Through this first of its kind cross-enterprise-wide planning and coordination of rail logistics processes, customers are ensured of a competitive, jet sustainable, "e2e"“ integrated rail logistics service for goods supply.


The project no. 850358 received funding from the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG).


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