Hybrid forging – one-stage forming of sheet and bulk metal parts

Project title Hybrid forging – one-stage forming of sheet and bulk metal parts (Hybridschmieden Flansch)
Project duration 01.12.2012 – 30.06.2014
Forged steel parts are currently made of a single material. In case different materials with different properties (e. g. high ductility / high wear resistance) shall be used within one component, the single parts are being manufactured separately and joined finally. At IPH investigations were carried out on the subject of hybrid forging (simultaneous forming and joining of sheet and bulk metal parts) and the theoretical feasibility of this manufacturing process could be proved. This process is attractive to industrial application due to the potential development of new steel products and the reduction in process costs. In this study tests have been conducted on hybrid forging of pressure flanges supported by modern FEA simulations and experimental trials. Opportunities and challenges of this new hybrid forging process are being shown in this study.

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Using hybrid forging techniques, both bulk or sheet metal can be formed and joined in a single step, rendering subsequent joining processes unnecessary. Moreover, using sheet metal rather than bulk material means that material-savings can be made and/or more economical forming units can be used.

hybrid, forging, sheet metal forming, joining technology, steel, adhesive bond


The project P 1004 was funded by the Research Association for the Application of Steel (FOSTA).

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Jan Langner

Manager process technology