Function-based tender preparation of complex unique products

Theme Tool- and Mold-Making, Artificial Intelligence
Project title Function-based tender preparation of complex unique products (Funktionsplanung)
Project duration 01.08.2009 – 31.07.2012
The aim of the research project is the development and testing of a function-oriented method to support tender preparation of complex unique products, such as injection molding tools. The method is based on the company's existing knowledge that exists in the form of experience from completed jobs. The method involves the development of a similarity determination of tools and tool components from a function database, in which the already produced tools are classified by function. The existing and structured knowledge about already produced tools will be used in this way for the planning of new tools. A more precise determination of manufacturing costs and production times is made possible by the function-based similarity.

Publications about the project

The aim is the development of a function-based method to support the planning of offerings in injection molding. It is assumed that tools and shapes are unique items, but the tools’ functions are recurrent. Possible post-calculations are captured and can be used better for the calculation of offerings via the function-based calculation. Methods of similarity search assist in prediction and precise determination of manufacturing expense of a tool. In order of the validation of the concept by real data the software-demonstrator is linked to existent post-calculation tools and transferred conceptually to further unique products.

function-based method, tender preparation, injection molding

Function based structures for cost estimating. The complexity and the unique character of tool and mould constructions are the reasons why the calculation during the offer phase of the moulds and tools are using customer requirements and insufficient product information as a basis. For this purpose an increasing number of commercial software packages are used. Nevertheless, the support for the calculation is still inadequate. The IPH develops a method which allows a precise, transparent and with little effort achievable estimation for an offer on the basis of tool functions and the knowledge about already produced tools in a company.

function-based method, tender preparation, injection molding


The project no. 121384074 received funding from the German Research Foundation (DFG).

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Benjamin Küster

Manager production automation