Controlling driverless transport vehicles intuitively with Augmented Reality

Press release – Hannover, 28/09/2020
In future, we will communicate with machines via eye contact, speech and gestures. Scientists at the Institute for Integrated Production Hannover (IPH) gGmbH have developed software that enables the intuitive control of automated guided vehicles (AGVs).
All that is required is AR glasses.
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Photos in this press release

Intuitive human-machine interaction
MobiMMI developer Florian Kreutzjans shows how control via AR-glasses works. (Photo: IPH, Susann Reichert)
Control via gestures
IPH employee Viktor Schell moves the Automated Guided Vehicles with a virtual joystick, which is displayed on his AR-Glasses. (Photo: IPH, Beatrix Kamlage)
Piece by piece the tower is dismantled here
The screenshot shows the user interface for gesture control. Logistics staff only need to grasp the red dot, which serves as a virtual joystick - already they can move the vehicle. (Photo: IPH, Florian Kreutzjans)

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