Episode 30 | Recyling: How can plastic be effectively shredded?

How do shredding machines work? How can they be optimized and what challenges will the industry face in the future? Alexander Klär and Christoph Georgi from CutMetall Sales GmbH and Jens Kruse talk about this in episode 30 of "Praxisnah - der Produktionstechnik-Podcast."

Alexander is the managing director and Christoph the technical director of CutMetall Sales GmbH - a manufacturer of spare parts for shredding machines in the industry. They develop customized solutions with their customers for any kind of shredding machines and cooperate with IPH in the field of plastics shredding.

Both explain to our moderator how a shredding process works, how sustainability is understood in the industry and share anecdotes from recycling.


Jens Kruse

Head of Innovative Manufacturing Processes

Alexander Klär


Christoph Georgi


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