Episode 28 | The Recyclingfabrik

Recycling Fabrik GmbH is a company from Braunschweig, Germany, which recycles plastics for 3D printing. We invited CEO and founder Rudolf Leue to our podcast. The recycling factory from Braunschweig uses inhomogeneous waste from 3D printing to produce new filament for additive manufacturing. To do this, they collect the recyclables from private individuals, companies and Maker Spaces, for example. In this way, prototypes only end up in the trash for a transitional period.
How do the material properties change as a result of recycling? How do my recyclables get to the recycling factory? And what are the challenges of post-consumer recycling?

Jens Kruse

Head of Innovative Manufacturing Processes

Rudolf Leue

Recycling Fabrik GmbH

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