Episode 26 | Nature-oriented outdoor area at IPH

Together with the so-called "Außenstelle Natur" we have implemented a near-natural front garden and break area at IPH. Sustainability is more important than ever and especially companies have a high ecological potential to implement nature-oriented design of outdoor areas. Our guest Barbara Olze has been working for the "Außenstelle Natur" project at the Umweltzentrum Hannover e.V. since 2018 and, together with her colleagues, provides free advice to companies that want to make their outdoor areas more insect-friendly.

In the podcast, she tells our host Torben Mente something about her career, how diverse the design possibilities of nature-friendly outdoor areas are and how companies can benefit from them. In addition, the question is answered: What is the difference between a honey bee and a wild bee? Which animals and insects are particularly threatened in Germany?

You can find more information here:
Field Office Nature of the Environmental Center Hannover e.V.
"Krefeld Study
Sustainability at IPH

The audio was taken in April 2022.

Barbara Olze

Außenstelle Natur vom Umweltzentrum Hannover e. V.

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