Episode 12 | Fawn rescue with drone

In this episode we have Thorsten Jüngel (DFS Deutsche Flugsicherheit GmbH) and remote pilot Christian Walter (En-Tra UG) as guests. Today, they report on the fawn rescue using a drone. What is the background of the search? How does the rescue work? And what are the challenges involved?

For farmers, the start of mowing also means fawn hunting. Starting in May, doe put their fawns in tall grass to protect them. The fawns lay there motionless and do not run away even in case of danger. To prevent the fawns from being injured by the mowing machine, drones with thermal imaging cameras are increasingly used to bring the fawns to safety. This was tested in Langenhagen in the Hannover region.

Thorsten Jüngel

DFS Deutsche Flugsicherheit GmbH

Christian Walter

En-Tra UG