Episode 6 | From Yogurt Cup to Toothbrush: Plastic Recycling with the 3D Printer (Additive Plastics Recycling)

Episode 6 focuses on our research area "Additive Plastics Recycling". Instead of throwing away the yogurt cup after breakfast, melt it down and make a new toothbrush out of it? What sounds like a dream of the future today could be reality in just a few years. Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, is also becoming increasingly interesting for private households. And if we can produce household items ourselves in the future with a 3D printer, why shouldn't we use our plastic waste for this?

Thermoplastics can be easily recycled and used in additive manufacturing. IPH wants to research exactly how this can work. We find out more from our guest Alexander Poschke, M.Sc..