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Factory planning, simulation of material flow
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Up to now, companies usually first plan a factory layout and then turn their attention to the selection of means of transport and route planning. In future, their effects on the factory layout are to be taken into account at an early stage. Then, blocked areas for conveyor belts or other special features in the design of the transport routes, including the use of automated guided vehicles, can already be taken into account during the planning phase. This can prevent subsequent adjustments, saving companies time and money.


Factory planning, Fuzzy Logic, Transport Selection, Routing

In current approaches to factory planning, the influences of transport systems are not taken into account in the layout planning process. Means of transport selection and transportation network planning takes place downstream of layout planning. The effects of transport system selection on the design of the factory layout are therefore only considered at the end of the factory planning process. The selection of certain transportation systems can therefore require extensive adjustments to the layout. This article describes a concept for an expert system that integrates transportation network planning into the layout planning process in addition to transportation system selection. The expert system should interpret the expert knowledge for the selection of transport systems on the basis of fuzzy logic and generate the later factory layout, as well as the transport networks, automatically on the basis of defined input data.

factory planning, layout planning, transport systems, fuzzy logic

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