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Project engineer
Practice Areas:
Additive manufacturing, simulation, construction, programming / software development
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The digitization of processes and the networking of systems is a major challenge for many small businesses. In addition to traditional production companies, the transition to Industry 4.0 is increasingly affecting branches that have not been adequately considered as users for smart technologies and IoT. Modern horse stables manage complex feed schedules, track movement data, analyze temperatures and other parameters or monitor electric fences. So far, there is no instrument to control all of these demanding and complex processes efficiently and easily. Ludwig und Partner Reitanlagen and the Mittelstand 4.0 competence center in Hanover worked together to develop a concept for the low-threshold networking of such facilities. This is intended to make digitization opportunities more accessible and to ensure economic operation.

digitization, Internet of Things, IoT, networking, retrofit

The processing of ceramics is an important technology for various technical applications. In this paper, a highly
controllable process consisting of spray-coating and laser structuring to design ceramic layers on a versatile
applicable substrate is presented. A thermoelectric oxide, Ca3Co4O9, which is a type of thermoelectric material,
is used in the process and applied to a flexible ceramic substrate. The resulting structures have highly controllable
shapes and good thermoelectric properties, and they can be used to produce a printable thermoelectric
generator (TEG). The use of a flexible ceramic substrate and the high feasibility of the process lead to a universally
applicable procedure that can be used to process ceramics with unique structures and designs.

thermoelectric, printed electronic, laser structuring, printed ceramics, spray coating

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