Georg von Dömming

Project engineer
Practice Areas:
Production planning & control, simulation of material flow
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More and more people want to live in the cities. Space is getting scarce – not only living space but space for offices, streets, parking, railways and stations. Will urban infrastructure still be sufficient in the future? And how can we use urban space as efficiently as possible?

material flow simulation, traffic

Economic growth in Germany and Europe secures jobs and prosperity. However, the impacts on our environment are often negative. Because more goods are produced and the consumption increases, traffic and thus the greenhouse gas emissions rise. In order to keep these emissions as low as possible, the stated goal is to shift transport from road to rail. Thats why many terminal stations are preparing for rising turnover figures. However, the problem of maximizing throughput capacities is unsolved. To answer this question, the IPH has developed an innovative, event-discrete model used in a material flow simulation based on the software Plant Simulation.

connection station, simulation model, material flow simulation

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