Lean production

Today, companies are confronted with the challenges of having to serve an increasing variety of products as well as to realize ever shorter delivery times for their customers. In addition, they want to increase their efficiency and increase the added value share.

With the help of the targeted application of lean methods (cycle time compensation, Heijunka principle, Just-In-Time, Kanban, 5S) in the production, you can counteract the increasing diversity of production variants, reduce throughput times and reduce your share of non-value added activities, making your company profitable.

Our experts will be happy to help you analyze and optimize your current situation according to lean standards.

Service modules

You want to increase the share of value-adding activities in your company? You want to reduce your lead time of orders and increase the output? You want to achieve a high product and process quality with low costs? Then we will gladly support your company in the analysis and implementation of suitable lean methods in production.

In order to gain an understanding of your process and to be able to select the appropriate lean methods, in the first step, together with you, we will look at the principles used so far in your production process.

In this step, the actual state of the production process is analyzed and optimization possibilities with regard to the lean methods are identified.

In coordination with the available possibilities for optimization and your desired goals, we select the appropriate lean methods (for example, Heijunka principle, Kanban, ...) in consultation with you.

Using the results of the process analysis, the resulting optimization potential and the previously selected lean methods, the development of a suitable target concept for your production processes takes place.

In the final step, we accompany and support you in introducing the planned target concept for your production processes.

Service packages

The service packages listed below include typical services in the field of process analysis as well as the development of a target concept and the introduction of lean methods. In addition, we are happy to put together individual service packages for lean production, according to your requirements.

Please click on the link to get more information about the respective service package of lean production.

Process analysis

You would like to have your current production process evaluated by an expert? You suspect that your production process can be optimized using a lean method? You have already selected a lean method and are unsure if it is really suitable? Then we will gladly assist you in analyzing your production process.


Development of a target concept based on lean methods

You would like to know more about the potential of lean methods (such as clock-time equalization, Heijunka principle, Just-in-Time, Kanban, 5S)? You are unsure how to implement the lean methods in the production process? You are lacking the time to develop a technically and economically optimal target concept? Then we will gladly assist you in developing a target concept for lean methods.

Introduction of suitable lean methods in production

You are unsure how to insert new tasks into the production process? You don't have the time or the expertise to professionally support the introduction of lean production through lean methods? Then we will gladly assist you in introducing suitable lean methods in your production.


The desire for product diversity and at the same time an increase in efficiency, quality and productivity of the production process, challenges companies to introduce lean production methods. In order to master this challenge successfully, we offer service providers in lean production consulting and support, from the analysis of production to the introduction of lean methods.

What our customers say

‚‚Thanks to the close cooperation with IPH, our production processes have been optimised and innovation potential has been identified.‘‘

Dr. Thorsten Volgmann, Production manager at NSTOB Springe

Our commitment to quality

  • systematic approach, coordinated with you
  • structured documentation of your requirements and selected lean methods
  • professional project management as well as competence in methods and moderation
  • optimal implementation of the target concept

Your contact persons


Benjamin Küster

Manager production automation

Mareile Kriwall

Manager process technology