Design and test of a flight control for a coaxial hexacopter

Categories Student job, Master thesis, Bachelor thesis, Project thesis, Internship
Department Production automation
Start Design and test of a flight contorl for a coaxial hexacopter
Theme Factory planning, Artificial Intelligence
Project Autonomous drone flight in a production environment for logistical Process support (Autodrohne in der Produktion)

The project

For factory planning, digital 3D reconstructions of the actual layouts of factory buildings are necessary. The acquisition of these actual layouts is only possible at great cost and time. To make this process more efficient, a drone shall be developed and tested. The drone should be able to automatically fly in factory buildings and capture the actual layout for the downstream 3D reconstruction. A LiDAR sensor is to be used to capture the environment. The point clouds generated with it shall be pre-processed and then evaluated with Deep Reinforcement Learning algorithms, so that the drone can make intelligent navigation and exploration decisions.

Your tasks

In this project there are various tasks for student works, internships and HiWi jobs available. In particular, students are sought for the development of a flight control of a coaxial hexacopter (quadcopter arrangement). The basics of a quadcopter developed here at the institute can be used and adapted to the coaxial configuration. A Pixhawk and the associated PX4 software shall be used as the flight controller. It is also possible to integrate the LiDAR sensor of the drone into the flight control. After the design and implementation of the flight controller, the flight capability of the drone shall be tested in experiments.

Your profile

Every degree program is welcome in the project. However, you should have basic knowledge of at least two of the following topics:

  • Drones
  • Flight control (control engineering)
  • Robot Operation System (ROS)
  • Python and/or C++ programming
  • Deep reinforcement learning

If you have several of these skills, but the task described above does not suit you, please feel free to contact me anyway.

You should also be fluent in either German or English.

We offer

  • reasonable payment
  • independent working
  • flexible working hours
  • good equipment
  • Home office
  • Experiments
  • long-term cooperation


Your contact person

Andreas Seel

Project engineer