Process optimization by precision forging

Categories Master thesis, Bachelor thesis, Project thesis
Department Process technology
Start Immediatly / By arrangement
Theme Tool- and Mold-Making
Project Burr avoidance in flash-free forging of aluminum under consideration of industry-related process parameters and variation of tool-integrated sealing concepts (FlidiAl)

The project

Aluminum is the second most commonly used metal in the forging industry and offers high lightweight construction potential due to its low density. Due to this specific property of aluminum, its use is steadily increasing, especially in the automotive industry and its suppliers. However, due to the good flow properties of aluminum, the material tends to flow into tool gaps during burrless forging and produce the so-called flitter burr. The challenge of the research project is to develop methods by which flitter burr formation can be prevented.


Your tasks

Within the project your tasks include the independent processing of the following main topics:

  • Simulative analysis of the material flow during the forging process of aluminum
  • Influence analysis of different process parameters
  • Development of methods for the prevention of flash formation

Within the work the deepening of competences in FEM simulations and method development is made possible.

Your profile

You are studying one of the following subjects:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Production and Logistics
  • Production Engineering
  • or similar.

You are interested in [design / FEM simulation / innovative lightweight construction].

In addition, you have knowledge in [design / FEM software].


We offer

  • independent work
  • flexible working hours
  • well-equipped workplaces
  • home office by arrangement
  • test execution
  • possibly long-term cooperation


Your contact person

Alexander Martini

Project engineer