Simulative determination of slider tool wear

Categories Master thesis, Bachelor thesis, Project thesis
Department Process technology
Start Immediately / By arrangement
Tool- and Mold-Making
Project Optimization of the service life of slide tools in forging presses with the variation of the closing mechanism and the forming speed (Standzeit Schieberwerkzeuge)

The project

To increase the economic efficiency in the production of geometrically complicated workpieces, material efficiency is a decisive factor. For efficient material utilization, the preforms are decisive, which can be optimized by a multi-directional forming process and the use of slider tools.

In the research project, the influence of different process parameters on the resulting wear of slider tools in massive forming is investigated by simulative preliminary investigations. The aim is to create basic knowledge about the wear behavior of slider tools in innovative multi-directional forging processes as well as to increase the resulting tool life through wear reduction.

Your tasks

Within the project, the development and deepening of competences with FEM and CAD software is provided.

Your tasks include the independent processing of the following main topics:

  • Construction of components and tool components
  • Simulation of innovative multi-directional forging processes with variation of the process parameters
  • Analysis of simulation results

Your profile

You study one of the following subjects:

  • mechanical engineering
  • industrial engineering
  • production and logistics
  • production technology

You are interested in construction, CAD software / simulation, FEM software

Good German and English skills in writing and writing are necessary for the job.

We offer

  • responsible work
  • flexible working hours
  • well-equipped workplaces
  • Home office by appointment
  • Experimental procedure
  • possibly long-term cooperation


Your contact person

Alexander Martini

Project engineer